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Learn Indonesian Online is an Indonesian language course program designed for foreign speakers. This program gives you opportunities to learn Indonesian with native speakers. All learning activities are carried out online within 105 minutes duration using platform:

Indonesia: One of the Potential Countries for Foreigners

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Indonesia is part of a country in the Southeast Asian region which has a large population and diverse island arts and culture. This country of more than 250 million people is known for its good attitude and high tolerance. That's why Indonesia is well known to foreign countries. Apart from their kindness and hospitality, Indonesians have a variety of arts and cultures that are reflected in each region. Not only that Indonesia is also famous for its beautiful nature and interesting culinary delights. That is the reason why foreigners are interested to visit Indonesia.

Not only visiting or traveling, but many foreigners also do business activities in Indonesia. Foreigners from various countries such as China, Korea, Japan, and America invest a lot in Indonesia. Therefore, many foreign companies are scattered, not only in Jakarta but also throughout all regions in Indonesia. With so many foreign companies in Indonesia, the arrival of foreigners also aims to get a job in Indonesia. One of them, citizens who come from China that become the largest number of foreign workers in Indonesia.

The large population and high natural resource wealth make Indonesia one of the target countries for foreign countries. Therefore, they have flocked to Indonesia to invest. Even so, the Indonesian government continues to implement various good policies related to foreign investment and also the policy on foreign workers. One of the policies of the government is that foreigners living in Indonesia are encouraged to speak Indonesian

Indonesian is one of the assets that foreigners must have when they come to Indonesia. Apart from the fact that not many Indonesians speak foreign languages, Indonesian regulations also urge foreigners to speak Indonesian. Until now, many foreigners have studied Indonesian, both studying at formal institutions, such as on campus, and in various non-formal institutions. Indonesian is not a difficult language to learn. Therefore, many foreigners are interested in learning Indonesian. So, let's learn Indonesian.

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One of the policies of the government is that foreigners living in Indonesia are encouraged to speak Indonesian.